News from Dusty's Diary
March 2019

Hi Pals,
I've had some lovely walkies this month, starting in the snow, which makes me very giddy, and was fantastic for a good roll, although I'm not sure I will ever solve the mystery of where a snowball disappears to after the human throws it?

Answers to Tigger if you have any insight here!

My human loves gardening, and so we had a very boring walkies when the snowdrops came out, she spent ages taking arty pictures of them.
It was so boring I had to do a lie down protest!

But the highlight of my month was going shopping for a brand new bed of my own.

She says the less said about how the old one was permeated with a large amount of vomit, the better.

We went into the pet shop and I picked the one I wanted straight away... only the human said it was the right size for a kat not a huge greyhound!

I disagreed and said I was very comfy, and anyway if I needed to stretch out, the human's bed had plenty of room for me!

Until next time
Have a pawsome month,