News from Dusty's Diary
May 2019

Hey Pals,
This month I'm going to talk about how to make sure you get the things that you need from your humans.

You see, sometimes my human can be very neglectful. She provides me with a bowl of kibble, and seems to think I will be happy tucking in, despite the fact I know there are yummy foods in the big white cupboard that I still can't open. Grrr.

Well Pals, I made my dietary requirements very clear when I sat drooling on the kitchen floor, doing my bestest sit as usual while the human faffed around chopping up boring vegetables (I assume these are the human equivalent of kibble in the diet - a boring but necessary evil).

But then I saw my chance, the human dashed out of the kitchen to answer her phone, and what can I say, a whole camembert was in my jaws in a flash!
Nice work I was thinking, now to find somewhere safe to down it in one... The human of course realised her mistake, and we were now in a stand off, her waving chicken feet in my face and telling me to drop the dribbly delicious cheese, and I was in a terrible dilemma.
If I complied and dropped the cheese, I could have a chicken foot. But I held a whole delicious (and now rather soggy) cheese in my mouth!
In the end, I caved and went for the chicken foot, remembering that the human doesn't like to waste food.
My theory that the soggy cheese was indeed mine was confirmed the next day at breakfast time!

So Pals, if you see the opportunity, I encourage you to go for it. And dribble on it.
Humans aren't keen about eating soggy food, so it will likely end up in your bowl by completely legitimate means.

Until next time.
Have a pawsome month