News from Dusty's Diary
June 2019

Hey Pals,

I think summer is nearly here (or I'd better hope it is judging from all the white hairs I've coated my human in recently...oops) and I have been enjoying sunbathing in the garden in-between lots of long walkies.

But, England being what it is, the sun wasn't going to last forever.
We had a few days of what felt like monsoon season, and let me tell you Pals, I do not appreciate being turfed out for a garden visit in these conditions.
I made my feelings on the issue very clear to the human, who, it appeared was not going to change her stance either.
So began a stand off, and let me tell you, I can cross my legs for a very long time.

Although for some reason, she has never believed this after I once squatted on the carpet and looked her unblinking in the eye while creating the biggest puddle known to mankind...anyway, I have digressed.

So back to the stand off, I had the absolutely brilliant idea that while it was pouring outside the back door, there was another entrance to our digs, and the sun was surely shining out there!
Well, the human took advantage of my glass half full approach to life, and snapped my lead on faster than I can down a gravy bone.
But aargh, what was happening, I was soaked in seconds and the human was waving a soggy bag of treats in my face, so I gave in, but I'm not going to be falling for this again!

Until next time.
Have a pawsome month