News from Dusty's Diary
August 2019

Hi Pals,
I hope you've all been enjoying the sunshine and keeping cool.

The human has been taking me to the beach to enjoy a nice paddle and cool down in the sea.
I love wading in and catching bits of seaweed she throws at me, but I got a horrible ouchie on my paw recently.
A careless human had left a piece of broken glass on the beach, and I trod on it. It really hurt, but my human got me some boots that made me walk in a very odd way (that made her laugh a lot) that helped it to heal.
And then, the silly human was putting the boot on for walkies and she caught my important claw that I need to hold tasty noms like bones in place, (she calls it my dew claw?) and gave me another ouchie!
We had to go to the vet, grrr, and he put me in the cone of shame again....I'm planning on causing as much chaos as I possibly can by using it as a battering ram, as it was all the silly human's fault!

Until next time. Have a pawsome month