News from Dusty's Diary
October 2019

Hey Pals,
It’s been another hectic month for the human, not for me I might add, I’ve spent lots of time sleeping on my new sofa...although more about that later.

The human has been chopping down entire trees in our new garden, and there has been such an abundance of sticks that I haven’t been able to chew them all up, and they have been burned on a big bonfire. I have spent so much time rescuing perfectly good sticks from being destroyed, only for them to be thrown on the burning pile anyway. It’s an absolute travesty, and I can’t get the human to understand how dogkind feels about this wasteful behaviour.

But back to that comfy new sofa, we all know a hound needs a comfortable place to rest their weary paws.
I had just got used to being able to rest my chin on the sofa to look out of the window to check for blighters, and was getting all comfy, when the entire curtain rail crashed down on me.
I got the shock of my life, and the human came running following a huge greyhound scream of death that was heard two streets over...well even now I have had no peace. The human has been drilling and shouting funny words at the wall for ages, and we still have no curtains.
I’m secretly relieved tho, as I keep checking for scary gremlins behind curtains after my near death experience, you can’t be too careful pals.

Until next time.
Have a pawsome month