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June 2020

Hi pals,
It's been an exciting month, as spring is progressing, I've been helping the human with lots of work in our new garden. The human has some strange behaviour in the garden, she sits for hours pulling up some plants, and then putting others in their place. I get a bit jealous of all the attention the plants are getting, so sometimes when the human's back is turned, I dig up all the plants again...this results in me being told to 'gerroff the onions'.
I normally then move on and dig a nice hole for me to sit in by the potatoes, they have a very comfy bed!

But the best thing about the new garden is the outdoor vacuum cleaner. I like to woof at it really loudly and tell it who is boss.
The human chased me round the garden a couple of times with it, and we had great fun. I was so tired out from my efforts that I went back to lie in my comfy hole I had dug earlier!

Until next time.
Have a pawsome month

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