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January 2018

 Hi Readers
Even when Mum isn’t in a good mood, I manage to make mum smile with my cheeky antics.

I was not really happy about all of my walks out in the cold but lately I’ve realised that some kind people have put bird feeders up on one of my walkies routes.
This is when I found the bestest thing ever in a tree - a coconut shell filled with a mixture of lard and bird seed.
Mum chased me for ages, so long that I forgot I wanted to eat it and she threw it in the river.

Lucky fishes was all I could think, until I saw a stick and I forgot about the coconut shell because the stick was the most amazing stick in the world. 

Mum tried to pretend she was not with me as I proudly dragged half a tree along the path behind me...

Until next time.
Have a pawsome month


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