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October 2020

Hi Pals
I had the most amazing beach walkies recently. I had been running around the dunes, inhaling all the amazing bunny sniffs, and I had chased my ball on the beach until both me and the human were ready for a rest. 

I flopped down next to the human on a nice patch of grass, and had just started a well earned snooze, chasing bunnies through the dunes, when a squizzer entered my dream. Hang on a minute I thought. A squizzer at the beach, that's odd, but I wouldn't complain. 

The squizzer scent was flooding my nose now, and I jumped awake to find myself staring at an actual fluffy tailed blighter! We both paused in shock, before I jumped up, closely followed by the human. The squizzer, not knowing where to run, ran up the human's leg to escape me while I helpfully ran round in circles woofing in excitement. Eventually my woofing worked, and it ran down the other leg and into the grass where I lost it, but neither me or the human will forget the beach walkies where I had to save her from a squirrel!

Until next time.
Have a pawsome month

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