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January 2021

Hi Pals,
It’s been another exhausting month of keeping the local squizzers under control in my woods, but to give them a break we had a very early morning trip to the beach for a change.

We were the first there, and there were still nocturnal blighters running round in the dunes. The human wasn’t aware of this, and let me straight off lead, where I scarpered off after them.
Unluckily for me, tho, I’m white, which doesn’t provide much cover for blighter stalking, or for hiding from the human, so they were all long gone when I was found and dragged back to the beach.

It wasn’t so bad tho, I had to make do with my squeaky tennis ball and zoomies on the sand, plus I got to roll in some delicious sheep poo an hour or so later...sssh don’t tell the human, but I grabbed a few mouthfuls of this delicious delicacy too...yummy!

Until next time.
Have a pawsome month

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