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March 2021

Hi Pals,
Like everyone, I’m running out of adventures to have on my local walkies, although there are always squirrels that need to be kept in check.
I can’t wait to get out exploring again. Although we have still managed to have some excitement here.

I was running around with my pal Mr Chips, and him being somewhat smaller in stature than me, alerted us to the scent of something good in the bushes and dived in to investigate. I stood and barked loudly to alert everyone to an exciting find as Chips bolted out carrying the most amazing stinky find ever. He had found part of a very decayed deer, and wasn’t giving it up for any amount of bribery, and wow, it really was stinky.

We all wanted a closer sniff, and had great fun chasing around with it, of course avoiding the humans. Chips finally tired himself out, and I got hold of the stinky bone and had a nibble.

It was delicious, but I did have a strange gurgle in my tummy for a few days after.
I don’t however think the two events are connected, so don’t be discouraged from enjoying a treat like this if you come across it.

Until next time.
Have a pawsome month

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