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June 2021

Hi Pals, 
It’s been a long time since last summer, and I had been looking forward to sunning myself in the garden. The squizzers have been waking up and running round the woods again, although I’m somewhat disappointed that they still remember to run straight up the trees as soon as I get close. 
I’ve been shedding white fur like it’s going out of fashion, in readiness for some nice weather. But we were out walking a couple of weeks ago, and lumps of ice were suddenly pelting me and the sky was thundering and full of flashes of lightning! I tried to hide underneath the human, who didn’t really provide much shelter and yelled at me to stop trying to trip her up, which I didn’t think was helpful...I wanted to stay dry and warm. So I resorted to running home at greyhound speed, and eventually the human caught up to find me dripping wet outside the front door. I ran in, and wiped myself along the sofa, refusing to leave the house again until the following morning.  
The moral of this story pals? Don’t leave the house unless you are sure your human can provide acceptable shelter, or they have treats good enough to make the risk worth it. 
Until next time. 
Have a pawsome month 

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