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July 2021

Hi Pals, 
It's been another great month out in the sunshine and chasing squirrels in the woods.  
I got another squizzer related injury from the sneeky blighters this month tho... 
I was a whiskers length from the fluffy tailed critter, when he did a u turn on the edge of the woods.  
Obviously I was following at greyhound speed, so I turned sharpish too, and just as he tauntingly twitched his tail up the nearest tree, I ripped my dew claw in two. I was so brave I didn't utter a sound, not even the Greyhound Scream Of Death, and the human only noticed when I was chewing the rest of it off. I got a bravery sausage for dinner that night, which I tried to explain to the human should have been at least five sausages, as that's what the squirrel was worth, but she just told me I was lucky I was getting one!  
Until next time. 
Have a pawsome month 

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