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October 2021

Hi Pals,
This month I'm doing a review of a couple of toys the human arrived home with a few weeks ago. They are called Scooby Doo balls, and appropriately being named after the famous cartoon character, they are perfect for big dogs like great danes (and greyhounds, obviously).

For some reason, my favourite is only produced on walkies. I don't really understand why, as I love the piercing squeaky noise emitted when I chomp on it. The ball has lasted absolutely ages without being deaded, I think due to a combination of being well made, and my playtime with it being limited for the sake of the human and our neighbours.

The second is a ball with three tuggy bits hanging out of it. Again, it's a good size for big dogs, and now the human has practiced, it can be thrown frisbee-like across the field for me to chase. The best bit of this game is when the human runs after me (I don't do fetch, I'm a greyhound) and we play tug as well as chase.  The only improvement I could suggest? Tuggy bits AND a squeaker!

Until next time.
Have a pawsome month

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