News from - Dusty's Diary 
May 2020

Hi Pals,
I've been making sure I keep my muscles toned by finding the biggest sticks I can possibly lift and carrying them around the woods on our walks.
I always make other people laugh as I pass them carrying half a tree, although sometimes the human is a spoil sport and won't throw them for me if they are really big.

A couple of weeks ago I found a satisfyingly large and weighty stick conveniently laying by the side of the path. I thought right, this is the one for me, but it was a bit odd. It was square, which didn't make it the easiest thing to pick up or carry, but I managed to carry it along the path, and into the bushes to store safely for later. Well pals, I've never seen the human laugh so much...what I'd picked up was a huge way marker that had been knocked down. It weighed a ton and she has no idea how I even lifted it up, so in the bushes it stayed. All I can say to any lost walkers is that they should get a hound to guide them if they need these huge sticks with arrows on them!

Until next time.
Have a pawsome month