Hedges, Fences and walls.

Most gardens have either a hedge, fence or a wall surrounding it.
Depending on who owns the hedge, there are several options to secure the area.
The first problem is to establish who owns the hedges, fences or walls surrounding your garden.
It is good to regularly check the perimeter of gardens for damage or entry/exit points that have started appearing..
Hedges are a bit harder to secure as they are a growing plant and will have natural holes and gaps everywhere. 

Plant more hedging or plants to try and create a barrier. However if you are a determined escapologist, this could be a waste of time and money as you will probably just push through anyway.
Fence the length of hedge with chain link or chicken wire.
Ensuring they block up gaps along the bottom and secure and cover up any sharp links or areas.

Remove the hedge and replace it with a fence or wall.
Even if the hedge belongs to your humans, they would still need to get the cooperation and approval from the neighbour on the other side of the hedge.

Are the walls or fences high enough?
Although while your human is looking up, they should also remember to look down. Digging tunnels under the walls or fences is also a popular escape plan.
Check for any splinters , sharp edges or nails/ screws that stick out could cause injury.

All fences and gates have gaps, otherwise they would get blown down with every gust of wind.
These gaps need to be checked that they are narrow enough so that you cannot escape, but wide (or very narrow) enough to stop you putting your head or paw through and getting stuck.
This is important for chain link fencing or chicken wire , where inquisitive paws or heads could get stuck. Most humans like to be tidy and always push things or build a shed or greenhouse up to the side of a fence or wall.
The problem this may cause is a parkour sort of escape route, or even an unexpected gap between the object and the fence or wall where you could get stuck.
If your human is going to paint the wall or fence. Make sure they use animal safe paint or varnishes.

The gate will always be the weakest part of your perimeter security as it is designed to open and close to give you and your humans access to the garden or yard.
Ideally it would be great if the gate could be locked to stop unauthorised access.
If you are a barker that barks at everything that goes past the gate, your humans may need to fix something to the gate to stop you looking out, or with a bit of training, stop you standing there and barking.
Whatever type of perimeter you have around your garden or yard, it is important that your humans check them regularly for any damage that could either harm you or you could escape through.

Until next month
Happy gardening pals

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