Animal Safety:
Dogs: Yes
Cats: Yes
Rabbits: Unknown

Free Grazing: In Moderation

Lifespan: Perennial

Sow: March to April
Plant out: May to June
Harvest: July to September

Soil Type: Well drained soil
Position: Likes the full sun
Growth: around 10” high, but could be less if grown in smaller pots.

Varieties: Over 200 with leaf colours from dark green, golden yellow, pink, lilac and white.

Growing informaton: Originally Mediterranean, thyme thrives in well-drained soil or planters raised off the floor for extra drainage.
Planting out in full sun to bring the essential oils to the surface of the leaves to get a great flavour.

It’s possible to grow thyme from seed but plants grown from seed can be hard to establish. Young thyme plants are widely available to buy.
Once established, you won’t need to water your thyme plants.
Thyme thrives in almost drought conditions with minimal soil nutrients, so it won’t grow happily alongside other herbs in a mixed container.

How to use:
Free grazing: In moderation
Dried: Can be chopped up and sprinkled on food in small amounts.
Cooking: Can be chopped up and used in cooking in small amounts.

Refrigerate fresh Thyme
Can be frozen. Place entire stems of Thyme in a freezer bag and freeze.
Dried Thyme can be stored in an airtight container in a dry dark area.

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