Compost Bin.

Some gardens have a compost heap or compost bin.

Why have a compost bin?
This is a great way to let garden waste, and some uncooked kitchen waste, rot down and provide new compost to use in the garden.

There are loads of different ways to build compost bins and even more options if you want to buy a ready made one.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure you research what each do and if it is the correct method, size for you.
Some require more than one bin as the composting process takes longer than they expected.

Are compost bins safe ?
First of all any process of allowing things to rot down and decompose will always create a level of mycotoxins.
Mycotoxins are moulds (fungi) that grow on rotting foodstuff and vegetation.

So placement of the compost bin needs to be considered along with a possible barrier to keep us safe and away from it.

Do compost bins attract vermin?
Humans worry that where vegetation is allowed to rot, there will be the high possibility of rats or mice moving in. Without going into great depth of creating the compost bin, yes it is possible but equally it is a problem that can be avoided if the bin is set up correctly from the start.
Once again research how to build a compost bin, or even how to secure a ready built compost bin before you start.

If you do end up with a vermin infestation it may require you to get rid or empty your bin and leave it empty for several months before you can use it again. You may even need to move your bin to another part of the garden.

Can our poop be put into the compost bin?
It depends what you are.
The quick guide is that if you are a carnivore then no, but if you are a herbivore then probably yes.

It is better to double check with your exact species as there may be slight but important variances to the answer due to diet and any medical issues controlled by medication or specialist food.

If you use a ‘litter box’ then the actual absorbent/smell reducing products your human puts in the litter box may not be safe to compost. Some products, like wood chips, are safe but just take a bit longer to compost down.

The following is a list given as a guide, you must get your humans to check themselves.

Poop in the compost heap:
Hamster Poo
Gerbil Poo
Rabbit Poo
Guinea Pig Poo
Chinchilla Poo
Mouse Poo
Horse Poo
Alpaca Poo

Cat Poo
Dog Poo
Ferret Poo
Snake Poo
Lizard Poo
Bird Poo

Whatever you decide, make sure you get to enjoy your garden with your humans as much as possible.

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