Growing Cats in the greenhouse

Repawter: Jessie ( a.k.a. Loonylankylegs)

Most humans grow plants, or veggies in their greenhouses, but not my human - she is pretty good at growing cats!
Yes, cats you heard right!  

It all started when dear Sammy - RIP- the stray spent a winter in there with Little Bear , the tiny black cat, she still comes daily for food.
Sammy had a little square rabbit hutch box to sleep in.
After he went OTRB he must have left a message, as more cats grew from there!

First it was Ollie, he has grown out of a cat bed and seems to grow bigger with cat plant food. Tommy however is the one growing out of the banana box with his back leg hanging out almost waiting to get pruned or picked to be eaten!!!! Tommy has had some serious Tomorite food in his bed!! They grow all day long in there even in the baking heat, they never frazzle.

Just need a good supply of food, water and plenty of belly tickles, oh & nail trims every few weeks to keep them happy
Alan can often be found growing out of the top bunk of planters but most often close to where the human watering can is begging to be fed on Felix growmore food!
When Alan isn't in the greenhouse, he is found growing at the side of me, on the sofa mimicking me with his paw over eye!!!!

The greenhouse can be a hive of activity with up to 5 cats & Hedgehogs growing at any one time, don't seem to have much room to grow plants, just Cats & Hedgehogs!

We sometimes wonder how big these cats will grow in there, the pic of Alan on the table shows hes as big as a house almost!!!

Even the Hedgehogs that grow are big! We also think that overnight the cats turn into flowers in the garden and plants as we have a super garden that during the day ALL the cats enjoy

Advice, always provide a safe warm home for those who may need it when you least expect it, the occupants will always appreciate it, even if they do take over your greenhouse!!!!!
Plus always try feed organic, and dont use pesticides or cat repellents, they will always be good mousers or ratters for your gardens!

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