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Introduction - April 2021

Well, Good Morning and welcome everyone!!!

I am going to give you a bit of my back story in my furst peace then yoo can gets to know me.

My name is Floyd and I am 11 years old, I am a rather stunning White and Brindle boy, originally from Ireland but now residing on my own private sofa somewhere in the Northwest.

My racing Name was Look Floyd and I was sort of ok,
I knew I was destined for better things like lounging on my own sofa so I didn't really put that much effort in....

Keeping an eye out for the latest furshion

I live with my brofur, Charlie, who is 9 years old and was all black when he arrived but started to go grey the day he arrived.... he says it's cos he lives with me, i disagree.

I am loud, proud and you know i'm here,
Mami says that greyhounds don't bark much so i must of stolen everyone elses barks, cries and whimpers because I am berry berry vocal,

2 seconds late with ma tea?
- i'm going to yell at you,

Thinking about having a nap under my blankie?
- i'm going to whine at yoo till you give up

Mami says i was like a whirling, twirling devil dog when i furst arrived and we saw puddie tats, sqizzels, other dogs that weren't pointies, i even shouted at wheelie bins because a puddy tat could be hiding behind one.

I used to fink ma name was FFS floyd, or Nodownleaveit, GetoffmyfootyoufooI have matured since then,
I don't tolerate naughty dogs who don't have any manners but i luffs hoomans and shoppie bags as stuff for floydie comes in shoppie bags

I became a fursionista about 6 years ago when Mami gabe me some pajammies as i was getting colds at night and mami was gettings fed ups with meself doing sad whimpers in ma bed.

Joind me next month where I will be tallkings all fings fursion.

..... from new jammies to padded jackets.....

.....what collars are in or out this season.....

.....advising on what fabrics and patterns are in this year....

..... and answering the age old question....

.....Can a brindle hound really wear spots?... 

Laters Fursion Lovers 

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