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Collars - May 2021

Hello Everypawdy!! *Waves Paws*
I hopes yoo are alls ok an enjoying da loverly spring wevver we bees havings at da moment?

Now, toodays we are talking collars, Types, Styles and Colours buts beefore I goes any further…

Befores yoo leaves da house for your stroll please make sures yoos lead is firmly attached to yoos hooman so dey won’t goes wondering off, now, I don’ts knows about your hoomans but mine has an annoying habit of runnings off when I is snot paying attention, usually wen she hears the icy creamy mans van an she’s off faster than Usain Bolt den because she’s lost meself she ugly cries and generally causes a right scene… oh the shame, hoomans honestly….

So, Now dat we have the boring bit outta day wey, lets talk furshion and collar trends.

Now dere are sooo many types of collars out dere we are only going to be looking at the most popular types, which are Martingale (Not to be confustimated with the horsie martingale), Fishtail, Flat and house collars.

My personal preference is either Martingale or Fishtail, I likes a Martingale in da winter an a Fishtail in da summer. My furbrother Charlie is sooper sensitive and is forever rubbing nekky patches on his neck so he wears a tag collar around the house den pairs it with a smart flat collar for walking out

Obviously deer houndie friends, it is your own personal preference but it’s always gud to steps out of yoos comfy zone and try nu fings.

Martingale Collars:

Lets look at Martingales, dey come in a variety of sizes, starting at 1 inch and workings upwards and are the same width all the way round.
Dey are usually worns at the base of our necks.

Fishtail Collars:

Fishtail collars are berry fin at the ends and berry wide in da middle.
Dey sit rite behinds our ears so makes sure dey are fitted
properly or you’ll find yooself nekky in public and with the pappiratsi hidings in bushes yoo don’t wants to see yooself on da front pages the following day.

Flat Collars:

Flat collars are basic collars and are a good general purpose collar and good fur sensitive skin.

House Collars:

House Collars/Tag collars, Dees are usually worns abouts the house and yoo will needs a more robust collar fur out walkings.

Now, when yoo takes your hooman shopping for a new collar dere are a few fings to look out for, Material, Colour, Fit,etc and you needs to take in to consideration your own colourings.

If you are a hound of a block colour, go for something hoppersite of yourself, so Whites and pale coloured, Go dark, Go Deep, Channel your inner Heathcliffe, Dere are some berry beautiful dark Velvet collars out deredat look stunnings on long sleek necks…an just a teenie bit of well placed bling will makes all the difference

Fur the hound of a darker fur, Bright and Bold!!
An fur the luckie black hounds go all out, I am talking diamonds, crystals, Day glow coloursthat your hoomans will remember from the 80’s (Step away from the leg warmers Muvva)

Now an important fing here, If you are doing Blingy Blingy keep your base colour plain otherwise everything will clash.

If yoo are going bright base colour choose a darker detail, I have seen sum gorgeous leather fishtail collars in bright leather that have some dark stitching details which stands out beautifully
Full brindle hounds – STEP AWAY FROM THE AUTUMN COLOURS, dey will blend in better than bear grylls in a bush tucker trial… Find a good solid base colourI finds a Tango shade of orange is best then work from there, usually I pair with either dark crystals or stitch detail and add a few low light patterns

If you are a brindle like me own hansum self, or a moo moo, fink abouts were yoo collars are sitting, is it on a white bit or coloured bit?
Brindles… Spots and Stripes do work, I haff a very fetching fishtail collar with a stunning leopard print on it, use a contrasting leather collar to add a bit of pahzazz to your wardrobe

Lets talk material, Collars need to be robust and functional but that doesn’t mean boorrrriiinnggg there are a multitude of styles available to the furshion focused hound, Yoo can find collars in Cotton, Velvet, Satin, Tweed, leather, suedeor even plain webbing.
If you are a fleffer, a leather collar would be best then you don’t stick your toe through the material and rips it, scratches on leather can be buffed out with a bit of saddle soap…

You will find that martingales are lined with either cotton or satin to stops the collar rubbing nekky patches on your neck, Fishtails can be plain, padded or lined, I do like a sheepie skin lined fishtail which is paired with a sooper smart tweed on the front, perfect for either the Hound About Town or Country Gent.

For the city hounds we need something that is sooper smart for day wear but works perfectly for boys night on the town, There is some stunning patterned material that will take you from day to night seamlessly.
The internet is your best friend, look up those who inspire you and create your look from there, Use them as an idea’s base, I have used celebrities looks as a base and added my own floydie flair to dem to make them unique and my own.

The most important fing to remember houndie friends, is have fun, play with different styles and don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd.

Stay tuned for next month when we will looking at staying cool in the summer.

High Paws and nose snuffles
Floydie xx

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