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BREAKING NOOS! - June 2021

Hello Everypawdy!! 


Everypawdy, I am soooo heggsited to announce that (inhales deeply) Paris Furshion week is going ahead!!! yep, yoo heard that correctly, Paris furshion week is a go!!

Now, unfortunately, muvva doesn't fink i can bees trusted on ma own in French France so after talking to ma mate Pepe La Poodle he's going to be bring yoo all the back stage gossip and news from the paw walk.

Dere are rumours that this years event is going to have "gulps" non canine special guests such as Marlene Manx Cat and The Famous Siamese Cat twins, up and coming real sized models Gin Gin Ginny Pig  and Babe, The Gloucester Old Spot.

I will have ma toes crissed crossed that all goes well and I can'ts waits for Pepe's report !!!

Now, I has a confession to make.... last month I promised you an article on how to keep cools in summer but friends, the weather has not been greyhound friendly.... we've had more then enough rain to refloat the Ark...so.... I've been working in collaboration with Furshionista's across the globe to brings yoo something special... There will be more news on this surprise next month.

Lots of luffs
Floydie xx

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