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Paris Furshion week - July 2021

Here is the latest gossip and noos from behind the scenes at Paris Furshion week from my pal Pepe the poodle.

Tis I, Pepe Le Poodle reporting to you from Backstage at the Paris Furshion Extravaganza.

So, my friends, let me set the scene, we are here at Le Chow Café, world famous celeb hangout and we are here to meet, greet and air kiss with the best of them.

Now, I do have to admit that I’m sipping a cocktail that sounds like someone is swearing at you in Japaneseso if it goes wonky you know why (Giggles)

*Spits out drink*
Oh My Wonky Chomp!!
You’ll never guess who has just walked, or should I say sashayed in, None other than Boris and Vlad, the Borzoi Brothers from Russia, Rumours have been flying about for years about these two, They are hauntingly handsome and sometimes you only know they are here by the amount of long hair you find, Vlad, in particular has the Heathcliffe stare off down to a fine art and can cause shivers down your spine at a thousand paces….

Oh!! I think I see….Yes!! it is!!
I see renowned furshionista, Vivienne Weimaraner of the famous House of W, a tidbit of info for you here, at the last show there was a bit of a “do” between Ellie, The English Pointer and Gert, The German Pointer when they were both booked to work Miss V’s spring collection,
apparently Ellie and Gert had a falling out over the devilishly handsome and notorious womanizer Victor the Vizla, who, has just recently broke the hearts of thousands of women around the world by announcing his engagement to swiss supermodel and rumoured to be the next 009 girl, Miss Julianne St.Bernard, who’s family made millions in Search and Rescue equipment and have branched out into making their own exclusive Brandy.

*Screams come from the bar*
The Terrier Clan are here!!! Oh now this is going to be fun, At the winter event they missed their stage cues because they’d got drunk, went to get something to eat and were arrested in the local curry house for fighting with each other, Charges were only dropped because celebrity lawyer GR Retriever stepped in and the Clan had to pay for the restaurant to be completely refitted.

We were hoping that Ginnie Piggy and Lotus Lop Ear Rabbit would have been here tonight but unfortunately, they are on holiday on a private island in the Maldives, lucky them….

Frank, George and Sidney Labrador are here, tonight they are modelling for Stewie Mclean Formal Wear who represents the House of PKMM, we don’t know annyytthiingg about PKMM, but it’s a brand who have risen quickly and rivals House of W for design flare and creativity.

PKMM rumours are rife, no one know who he/she is, not even the stable of designers that are under the house of PKMM, There has been sightings of a shadowy figure at the shows, dressed in long black robes, but when questioned they claim to be the cleaner...

Another exciting arrival in the café is none other that WC Bulldog, yes, The Bulldog is here!!!

Bull (to his friends) is now a more mature gent and tonight he’s here representing House of Greyhound, and is promoting a new range that will look as good on the slight figure as it will on the more well built of us.

Music tonight is by the rock group ad/hd, with collaborations through out the night with The Springers and breakthrough artist of the year Lady Lu Lu, who’s a firm favourite already with the designers due to her whacky sense of humour and love of all things bright and Shiny.

Lady H once approached AD/HD about designing a range of band t shirts for them but I couldn’t possibly tell you the reply with out blushing as it was soo rude!!!

Anyway my friends, it’s been an absolute pleasure in bringing you snippets of back stage, there are many more stories I could tell you but you’ll just have to wait

Love Pepe Le Poodle


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