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Sunnishine - August 2021

Gud Morning Everypawdy!!!!
Isn’t Pepe a ball? I’ve not heard from him for a few days, last time we paw timed he said he was off out with the Terrier clan……

Anyways, Hasn’t the weather lately just been awful?? I mean... TWC just loves the sunni weather and it’s always 10 degrees too cold for him, while meself? I doos snot likes the warm weather, I mean, I gets dragged out of bed at zero dark thirty (07:00) and made to walk for miles (2km if you must know) and the sun bleaches the brindles so they look silver…. Muvva says that is my age but I disagree, I’m only an 11 year old puppy……

Anywooo, lets talk summa, lets talk how to keep cool and enjoy the weather safely.

Now, meself I likes the bow wow summa chick look, I haves a variety of coolie coats mades hofs a couple of different material and it’s totally up to you and how you feel in what material.

Both coats work on the same prin…prins.. idea, soak in cold (slightly chilled not freeze your nuts off cold) wring out den throw it on, one is a chammy type and the other is towel like, now, personal preference here, buts if muvva is slacking off, when the chammy starts to dry out it can goes a bits hard, whereas wiv the towel I can imagine I am a country gent and I’m at the spa sipping a mo-he-toe.

I also has a chammy type mat that I can lie on, but, me being me and being precious about ma brindles…. I doos snot like gettings them wet as dey could disappear and dat would be just horrific!!

TWC likes da mat but then he’s a bit fick and quite likes water
*shakes head and tuts*

Listen up pals with pink bits!!! SUNNISCREEN!!! It’s a game changer!!! Yoos can get creem, wipes or spray, Muvva uses all 3 on me depending what bit she’s doing, Tummi gets a wipe, Nose has creem and legs are sprayed, we allwwaayysss get factor 10000000000, why use different types on different bits I hear you ask? Wipes are good for sensitive places and good for a quick top up while out and about, and if you are a bit ticklish, it stops you doing to squiggle dance, Sprays are for the impatient toddler type who will just not stand still and is eager to gets on with their busy day of snoozing, and creem for the places that just need a bit extra and as I has a berry pink nose I doo needs quite a bit.

Even on cloudily days, muvva will gives me a quick wipe down as dat sunnishine can be berry sneaky

Muvva is a bit tight fisted (Apparently, I spend too much on the season’s must haves) so she likes to shop around, multiple hound houses, haves a look at Equine tack shops as pack sizes are bigger and its designed for animals so you know it’s safe to use and has no yucky stuff in it that is bad for you.

We all know not to go for a stroll in hot weather which is why Muvva will drag my good self out of bed as soon as she gets home from kibble earnings and won’t take us again until just before she goes back to kibble earnings, we have a luffly ickle wood near us dat is full of squirrells dat we can shout at BOL! (Muvva works nites in case you are wandering)

Other things we have found useful are hats, yes, you read that right, hats, muvva has us wearing hats that give our faces shade and stops the sun gettings in our eyes.

Don’t be afraid to snaffle one of the hoomums fans that go brrrrr,brrrr,brrrrr and gently wafts cool air around, I like to whine pitifully, offer paw and stare lovingly at the fan which makes Muvva switch it on an den I stand in front of it length ways so I gets wafted nose to tail and back again, if you train your hoomums really well, they will have the fan stationary and pointing down at your bed so you can multi task by snoozing and being refreshed at the same time, Winner Winner Chicki Dinner.

We also has a paddlie pool, I would of preferred a Jacuzzi with a bubble machine but Muvva said no! Which just plain rood in my book, who says no to HRH floydie-lisous? Going back to the paddlie pool, muvva finks its funni to get us wiv the hose pipe while she’s filling it which kicks off the Infamous GSOD and brings all the neybours out wandering who is trying to murder me, TWC just stand dere like a lemon grinning his head off......Top tip, don’t fill the pool too much, muvva only does it deep enough to cover our ankles, too save water and to stop us doing anything stoopid if slips over.

*Grabs towel, Arm bands, Floppy hat over sized sun glasses and Sunniscreen*

I’m off to float on my lilo and sip peena coll harders in the shade.

Stay beautiful everpawdy and remember to stay cool and hydrated!!!!

Luffs Floydie

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