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Royal Cheshire Show - October 2021

Hi Everypawdy!!
Apologies for the lack of article last month, my secretary had gones on strike….

Anyhoo, let me catches you up with what’s been happening in the wonderful world of Floyd.

At the end of July, Charles and I had the honour of escorting the gorgeous McKenzie Moo to The Royal Cheshire Show, which is held just outside of Wagland, we saw loads of exciting stuff and it has given me an idea which I’ll tell you abouts later.

At the Show, we saw Shire Horses, Cows, Sheep, Pigs and loads of different breeds of dogs, usually there is lots of shopping but due to the human kennel cough outbreak there wasn’t as much for me to browse through but I still managed to spend some of my chew money on a couple of bits and pieces.

I also managed to bag myself some chips off a lovely lady who was sat near us while we watched the Shire horses doing prancy prancy around the arena, I gave the lady my full routine, Soulful eyes, Bestest boy ears, Paw waving and a new trick muvva hasn’t seen before, pretending I’m about to faint because I’ve not had anything to eat since breakfast, I didn’t mention to the lady that we’d been though a drive through on the way and I bagged myself a hashy brown….

August was hot, and I mean melt your brindles off hot, I spent most of last month hiding from the Sun, while Charles was baking himself in the garden, remembering to turn himself over every 30 mins to ensure even tan lines…. He’s an idiot
At the beginning of this month, Muvva bogged off for the weekend with Anti’s Julie, Jill and Lucie to a dog show up norf, and I mean proper up norf, like out of the county up norf, I was sooo annoyed with Muvva as I wasn’t allowed to go wiv her, but on the plus side, we had the wonderful McKenzie stay with us and I donned my best hostess suit and made sure she was kept in absolute luxury.

I haffs sort of forgiven muvva for leaving me behind as she had a bag that smells like new collars, it’s ma whelp day at the end of September and Charles’s in December so paw crossed I’ll have something to show you all next month, Also Anti Lucie sent me a Red Paw parcel of lip smacking treats to munch on

Next month sees the start of my favourite time of year, AUTUMN!!!!!!!

I luffs Autumn as it’s time for Jarmies, Jumpies, Warm Soop and Howloween, Now, I don’t goes trick or treeting anymore as I liked to be tucked up in ma jarmies and fleecy blankie by five past tea time, Charles calls me an old man but I like to say a gentleman of more mature years who knows that by the fire, toasting toes is the best place to be.

Plus, with it being autumn, there is a new furshion season arriving, so I’ll be talking new designs, fabric and patterns and whats hot (or not) and the best way to keep your bits warm on your chilly walks, I do luff a frosty morning walk where I’m rugged up and the frost is tickling ma toes and making me dance like a puppy on E numbers…..

Lets talk about ma idea that I’ve had…. So, you all know I’m loud, proud, and let my sparkle shine brightly, I’m finking about introducing yoo all to hounds that inspire, amaze and make me go “Oh My Wonky Chomp” (Muvva says other types of chews are available) not just for their furshion sense but for sometimes just being themselves and their amazing stories. So, if you are a Furshionesta, Inspiration to others or a hound that has caught my attention, watch out, I could be calling you on the I Bone shortly

Wrap up warm houndies!!

Floydie XX

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