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Kissimiss Furshion - December 2021

What's hot and what's not in furshion this month

Hello my Furshion Friends!!

Due to the amount of Bang-Bangs I’m writing my article from my Bunker while wearing my head torch which doesn’t have a lot of battery left….

I know it’s still a bit early but lets talk KISSIMISS!!!! Oh I do luffs kissimiss, a day full of piggies in blankies (and I mean the meat ones snot muvva) Ma own turkie din-dins and nu kissimiss clothes to strut around the village in greeting all ma adoring fans

Now, at Kissimiss our Hoo’s tend to loose all sens and sensability and makes us wear stoopid fings like tinsel, antlers and elf outfits, go with it fans, it’s only for one day and yoo can always poop in their shoos in january BOL BOL BOL

Kissimiss Day furshion is an absolute MINEFIELD!!! Yoo want to looks festive but yoo don’t want to look like a kissimiss tree, so heers ma guide to surviving the day

A lot of our hoo’s have a posh breakfast, drop them ears, suck in that fat and work those eyes!! You will find that thru out the day there is A LOT of food on the offering, make sure yoo gets your fair share

My hoo’s usually have a full english or snossidge, egg and mushieroombarm, so we always manage to bag a snossidge or a piece of bacon….

STEP AWAY FROM THE UGLY KISSIMISS JUMPIES!!!!!!!!!! Friends, we are better than the UKJ, We need Class, Sofistimecation, and dignity.
For about the house, I tends to stick with a classy simples tee shirt that I can drop gravie down and not worry about the sequins, Out and about the classier the better, a nice red cape type coat with just a hint of a fur trim, something dat whispers Kissimiss Class. After our morning stroll we opens our pressies, well TWC opens his on his own, I get ma muvva to open mine as sticky tape gets everywhere and I don’t want it pulling off ma brindles

Put those elasticated waist trousies on and tuck in to that dinner, we’re talking turkie, potatoes, veg, gravie, piggies in blankies and yorkie puddles, how eva much yoo enjoy your dinna do not forget your manners!! Go and burp in the face of the cook as a sign of gratitude, once yoos remembered yoo’smannas, tuck into seconds as your only going to be eating it on boxing day too.

After pigging out, take your hoo’s for a bracing walk, it’ll help them walk off the three lots of din dins and yoo can escape the sprout farts that your getting blamed for.

On to evening, go grab them fleeciejarmies, wrap up in the dressie gown, pop on a kissimiss classic film, my personal favourit is Dig Hard, starring my own close personal friend, Bull Willis, crank up the log burner, grab a glass of juice, open up the gravy bones and relax…..

Fur some strange reason, the day after Kissimiss day is boxing day, I finks it’s cos all the hoo’s put out the empty boxes that our pressies come in

Boing day furshion is all out that relaxed fit, elasticated waists, over sized jumpies and lots of fleecieblankies and snoozing…

No doubt there will be lots of left ova treats to be had, last year I was eating turkie fur a month!! I had it in a stew, curry, sammies…. Everything

What is your favorit part of Kissimiss? Drop me a picture of yoo and your hoo’s enjoying your day howeva yoo do it.

Next month, I’ll be looking back ova the last year and remembering The Good, The Bad and The Downright Ugly furshion highs and lows

Luffs to yoo all
*Air Kissies*

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