Floyd's Furshion Focus
January 2022

Hello my Furshion Friends,
I has to brings yoo sum berry sad noos today, unfortunately, I has too lets yoo know dat a berry gud friend of mine has passed ober the rianbow bridge jus before Kissimiss I hopes yoo understand if I take a moment to celebrate the one and only Miss Holly Bobbins.
I first met Miss Holly on a tweet up many years ago, I'd not long adoped ma muvva and I was still a bit... shall we say... Loud

Well, we was walkings along an I was shouting at everybody and everything and Miss Holly, cam up to me and laid a paw across my snoot and whispered, Floyd, Dear, Do be quiet! Your scaring all the squirrels you Pillock, and dat his how I got ma nick name, The Pillock,

Miss Holly was a sassy and classy hound, She ruled over the House of Bobbins with a stern paw and withering glance that could freeze a hot water bottle but if yoo needed any help or advice on how to navigate the the strange world of training yoo’s berry own hoo, what she didn’t know wasn’t worth knowing,

A few years later we wents to the GGG where I was summoned to an audience to Miss Holly, She looked at me over the top of her reading glassses, Harumped and said, yoo’ve matured into a fine hound Dearest Floyd, I see your working within the furshion business?
How are you getting on with your hoos? Is all the training paying off with them?

We spent a lovely hour, sipping tea, eating dainty sammies and chikki liver pate while catching up with each other, and maybe doing a lickle bit of gossiping and the A listers we both knew.

So, Furshion Friends, what was hot and what was not in 2021?

Obvs with the hooman kennel cough a lot of furshion events were cancelled around the world, however, we still managed to see nu talent burst on to the scene notably the House of PKMM, we still don’t know who the head designer is, all we know is there is some brillant show pieces being displayed and several top retailers such and Dog & Bone, Quiver Stone and Mutt & Co are all looking to start stocking some of the ranges in their stores in 2022,
Dust off those Credit Cards friends, we are going SHOPPING!!!!

Luckily, we haff a gud furshion year and I've not spotted many furshion faux pas dis year but someone really should tell The Doxie Dogs that there’s clashing colours then there’s Clashing Colours

Whispers haff reached me, even with a dodgy tinternet connection that, a few more furshion events haff beens given the go ahead fur 2022, and rumours haff it that we are going to be looking at a pastel pallett with high necks and lacey cuffs, fink Adam Ant (for those old enough to remember him) and David Bow Wow in Laberinth (a class 80’s film)

Lots of luffs
**air kisses**

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