Would you eat a sprout?
Repawter: Ellie

Well my doggy friends I thought I would tell you a bit about my favourite things to eat, as the bestest thing a Greyhound can do when they stop being an Afflete is to eat LOTS.
I love rabbit ears, sheep ears, pigs ears and I once took a bit of a nibble to my brother Perry's ear. 

Dog treats, swizzle sticks, biscuits, gravy bones - they all go down nicely and I do like my own Sunday Dinner from time to time when my Ooman makes me one.

But, I asks you, would you eat a SPROUT!
I bet most of you houndies are saying "Get out of here no sprouts for me" but let me tell you a story about a doggie I know named HARVEY who owned a couple of humans named John and Pat. 

Harvey had a habit, a bit like me, of eating anything that he could steal when he could.
Once when the builders were in the house Harvey ate their beef sandwiches, but left the lemon curd sandwiches! 
Good Boy Harvey!

Harvey also loved kitchen worktop surfing and one day John came back into the kitchen to find that Harvey had eaten a carrier bag that had contained the sprouts for dinner that Sunday. 
John was not worried as we all know that unusual things seem to pass unscathed through the alimentary canal of a dog. 

The next morning John took Harvey out for his walk and about half way round their route Harvey stopped and crouched to do his poo but seemed to be taking longer than usual over it.
John, being a good owner, bent down to have a look at Harvey's bum and could see part of the carrier bag sticking out.
John decided that it was best to help so using a poo bag as a glove he grabbed the bag and pulled but could not get it to come out.
He pulled a little harder and then with a loud POP, like a gunshot, the bag emerged from the hound with a sprout still in it.  

Moral of the story is "If you must steal sprouts make sure they are cooked"

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