My Bark Holiday adventure
Repawter: Ellie

Well fellow doggies, today is what the oomans call a Bank Holiday but I think it is a Bark Holiday!

Lots of peoples have not got to go to work today and the man with the funny fur Boris says we can meet people outside in a group of no more than 6 to go for a stroll, so WE DID.

Auntie Julie (who you may know as @lilymoo_) and Will (the almostly famously DJ) came to visit with Mackenzie Moo and we all put our Lilymoo coats on to go for a stroll. (Perry said we couldn't go as Boris says groups of six and he had counted up, Mom, Dad, Ellie, Perry, Auntie Julie, Will and Mackenzie is SEVEN, I told him not to be silly as greyhounds don't count in the Boris numbers).

Anyway off we went out of the gates, three wees done outside to let Bella and Rory know It is OUR TERRITORY NOT THEIRS, then over the road and into Jimmy and Juno's field.
Jimmy and Juno are two retired horses, (they never raced like us three though) and they were eating grass AGAIN in the bottom of the field.
We went through the sheep field (no sheeps in there today but there was a dead mink which we all gave a big sniffing to) and then into Slade Lane which is our favouritest lane of them all as there are sniffs every 6 feet all the way down it.
We went down and over the bridge where the noisy smokey Severn Valley Railway Dragon train thing goes under (but the dragon train thing was not there today - Dad says "No trains as we are in lockdown" I think the Dragon should always be in lock down).

We then went through the Poplar Wood and back over the Dragon train thing path at a place called a level crossing and down along the stream to the main road. Mackenzie does not like cars and lorries and buses so I led the way (as I am brave) with Mackenzie in the middle and Perry bringing up the rear.

We went past the house of the mad spaniel and met Henry the labrador and two terrorists (Perry says they are terriers not terrorists but I think I am right) with their owners, We all wagged our tails to say Happy Bark Holiday whilst the oomans talked about boring stuff like COVID, telly and the blinkin wevver, why do all oomans talk about the wevver - they cannot do anything about it!

We then went back through the sheeps field and home for sossiges!! 

What a lovely Bark Holiday. I am off for a snooze now.
Repawter Ellie

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