Mountain Climbing - How do humans enjoy it?
Repawter: Ellie

Repawter: Ellie & Perry Perry & I are at our holiday house in Wales this week, that is not the big mammal that swims about a bit but it is a real Country on its own just up the road from England, who would have guessed that?

Anyway holiday houses are supposed to be for snoozing and relaxin' but we had to get up before Noon yesterday and go to a place called Pistyll Rhaeadr Waterfall which was about 45 minutes in our private greyhound taxi. It was up a long winding lane right into the mountains and our chauffeur parked in the special car park (it was £5.00 of our treat money to park) next to the coffee shop.

We jumped out as we thought we were walking across the grassy field to sniff for bunnies and foxies but NO dear readers we had to walk up a long rocky path to the bridge over the river at the bottom of the waterfall and then stand there to have our photos taken! We then had to walk MILES (hooman's note, it was about 100 yards Ellie) round trees and up and down cliffs like mountain goats.

We saw some other doggies, colliewobbles, spangles and terrorists who were walking right to the top of the waterfall. We barked to say "It is a very long way to the top as this, at 80 metres high, is the tallest single drop waterfall in the UK you know" but they just ran about, like they do and climbed up.

When we got back from our mountain climbing we had a drink of river water in the taxi (it was lovely and cold) before we went home. We were so zoorsted we did not go out last night and we have not got up at all today and it is now 2 o'clock.

Our hoomans said things like "this is fabulous" "I love how tall it is and the way the spray is all of the colours of the rainbow" so I guess it will be worth a trip with your hoomans.

If you want to know where it is here is one of those interweb linky things Pistyll Rhaeadr Waterfalls, Wales and another interweb linky for directions Pistyll Rhaeadr | Location

Our hoomans say don't depend on your SAT NAV, follow the signs and be careful on the narrow roads.
Love Ellie (and Perry).

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