Machynlleth market smells, tastes and sniffs
Repawter: Ellie

Repawter: Ellie

This week we have been in our house in Welshland again and the hoomans decide that Perry and mine goodself should go on an adventure to a thing called a market, in a town that was miles away from us called Mahuntleth but spelled Machynlleth.

We had to get up at 8.00 o’clock in the morning – Rude!And get in the houndiemobile and travel for hours and hours!
(Editor’s note- Ellie it took 50 minutes to get there).

When we got there, we had to use £2.00 of our treat money to get a parking ticket but the car park was great, loads of sniffs round the edge and hooman toilets as well (I don’t know why hoomans have to go into sheds to do toiletty things when us houndies just find a suitable spot outside a posh house or the front entrance of the CO-OP).

The market was really big and had stalls on both sides of the High Street selling everything from Indian Curries (no good for hounds) to antique jewellery. Perry and I walked all down the one side of the street and waited patiently whilst Mom bought some trousers and a top, then we crossed over to the other side and Perry did a poo outside the door of the Butchers! (Mom did swearing under her breath – I heard her). We walked past lots of people selling plants and, believe it or not, Dad did not buy any which is unbelievable!

We sniffed the cheese stall and the fish stall and Perry tried to eat a pasty from the bakery stall, but it was just out of reach. He was fed up that he missed out, so he did a wee in a box of beetroot on the next stall. (People always wash their veg when they get home don’t they? So he should be OK).

Lots of people said we were lovely hounds and the man on the fruit stall said we were a “lovely pair just like the ones I have for sale” but we didn’t see any greyhounds for sale, just big plums, apples, pears and strawberries.

Mom and Dad said that there were loads of coffee shops selling nice cakes and most had seats for people and bowls of lovely fresh water for us dogs so if anyone is going on holiday to Mid Wales Perry & I think you should visit the market if you have time and take your canine friends with you. It is on every Wednesday and is open from about 09.00 but the car park gets really busy after about 10.00 so get there early. It has been running for 700 years!

Here is an interweblinky thing about it.


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