In't greyhound sleepovers brilliant?
Repawter: Perry

This munf Ellie should av be writin er repawt but her as got Arthuritis in her pause so it is me Perry wat don the writin bit but my spellin is not very gud and I am not a gudtyperist but ere we go!

Well readers on Fryday last week Ellie and me ad a superprise when McKenzie Moo (who owns @lilymoo_ ) came for a sleepova as her Uman was off galavalantin for the weekend.

Moo turned up wiv er bed and er special kibble as she cannot eat wot we eat and then proseeded to lie in mine own bed and evict me onto my second bed. Rood!

Afta our snoozin we all went round the grass for sniffs when it got cooler and we did smell Deeroos and Pesky Sqizzers! Then just as we was going to sleep we seed the Space Station Thingy whizzing across the sky. I wud not like to be in a big steel kennel whizzing about up there like that Richard Branston pickle.

It’s bin Ot, so ot in fact we all ad to wear cooliecoats (Lilymoo ovcorse). This mornin McKenzie elped me eat my breakfast before we went for a stroll.

We’ve add Bunny Lugs, custed cremes, big sleeps, gentle bimbles and lots of fun. We luv Moo and ope she comes back ere soon.

Luv Perry.
(and Ellie). 

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