Ellie's golf course walk
Repawter: Ellie

Repawter: Ellie
Hello luffly readers!
It is me Ellie. I have recovered from my arthritis in my paw so Perry has been made redundant again (he was made redundant as a racing greyhound years ago as he hurt his leg).

This month I want to talk to you about a walk up to the golf course.
We live in a village in Shropshire called Astbury (it is near Bridgnorth) and at the top of our lane is a golf course called The Astbury that was created and owned by a man named KK Downing who was a guitarist in a loud group called Judas Priest.
Here are some pictures of KK playing his guitar thing.


There are now new owners of the course, and they are investing lots of hounds treat money in making it look “WOW” so me, Perry, McKenzie Moo, Mom, Dad and Auntie Lilymoo decided to have a look round.

We went through our gates and did wees to let any passing doggies know that it is our land and they should “KEEP OFF” then walked past the fish farm (they never let Perry and I have any bits of fish for our tea – RUDE!) and over the bridge over the stream by the waterfall. Perry always stops and asks me to play Poo Sticks but I tell him it is a silly game, so we never play.

We went past the allotments where Eric and Emma have their goats, chickens and a turkey that makes a silly noise whenever we pass. There used to be FIVE Sheltie Collie dogs in the end house of the village (they moved a few weeks ago) so Perry must do a big wee and some of that silly scratching of the ground outside the house to let them know he is top dog. (We all know readers that it is I, Ellie, that is actually Top Dog).

We walked up past the lovely gardens which are full of bright coloured flowers this time of year and we had lovely sniffs in every one as that pesky CAT lives in Number 4 and thinks he owns the lane. If Perry and I could catch him, we would show him who is in charge. Dad says he was hiding in the bushes spitting at us but, believe it or not. we sighthounds did not see him.

We went up the hill past the old lodge and past the house where the Pharoah Hounds used to live (they have both gone over the Rainbow Bridge now though) and then we can see miles across the fields to a place called Kinver Edge and could see lots of deeroo munching grass by the railway line.

We then came to the big gates of the golf club and we went in! When the rockystar was the owner we tried to go in one day with Dad and the rockystar shouted “Oi! Get off my laand!” so we have never been in before. Well what a nice place it was with lots of new bushes for Perry to leave a wee mail on and lots of lovely grass for me.

We walked round the front of the big house and went into the old walled garden where there is a shed called The Potting Shed that gives hoomans bacon rolls and coffee and gives greyhounds “Snossiges” in exchange for treat money. McKenzie Moo, Perry and me had a snossige each and they was luffly.

Here is a photo of the big house that I took with my special remote controlled camera thingy.

And here is a photo of some snossiges.

After we eated the snossiges we walked back down the lane to home and went to sleep for hours and hours.
What a lovely walkie!
We LOVE living here and McKenzie Moo loves visiting us as well.



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