River Walk and Daddy Daycare
Repawter: Ellie

Repawter: Ellie
Hello luffly readers! It is me Ellie.

Earlier this month HuMum went to a place called Norfumberlyland wiv Auntie Julie (@lilymoo_), Jeanette (@floyddadrey) and Lucie (@Tiggers_Tails).
They went to a Great Northern Dog Show without taking any dogs!!!!!!!!!!

So Perry and mine own self was left in the safe hands of HuDad for a long weekend but McKenzie Moo went to stay with Floyd’s Granny. She had a luffly time.

Anyway Perry & I were supposed to have our “normal meals” and no treats but we managed to twist HuDad round our paws and we had extra treats and lots of “chicken that is not really chicken” by sitting with sad eyes looking at HuDad.

Perry managed to sleep next to HuDad on the big bed every night and snuggle up close but I don’t think HuDad liked having a greyhound paw in his ear every five minutes. I was a “Good Girl Ellie” and slept on mine own bed next to the big bed.

We went on an adventure down by the river at Bridgnorth where we saw lots of humans in canoes and kayaks floating about on the river on their way to Hampton Loade where they get out onto the bank and go to the Severn Valley Railwayto get a noisy steam train back to Bridgnorth, and we barked at the Geese that were making lots of honking noises.

Here are pictures of the noisy steam train and the honkers.

What a lovely walkie!


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