Corona virus and self isolation

There is a high chance your humans may suddenly start working from home or just spend a lot of time at home due to this big virus going around.
They could be stuck in the house with you from 14 days up to three months or even longer.
Your humans may not want to take you/or be able to take you out for your regular walks and once the novelty of having your human to play with all day every day wears off, you may start getting bored.

This is where you need to work with your human so that both of you benefit from any activities you can do at home.
Some ideas to help beat the boredom:

Training - spending a few minutes once or twice a day will not only help strengthen the bond between you and your human, it will help towards better behaviour and rewards once you are allowed back out on adventures again.

Treat Ball - getting your human to fill your treat ball is a good distraction and good for mental stimulation as you have to work to get the treats out of the ball. The only downside is that you need to be careful you do not put weight on with all of the extra treats.

Playing with toys - some pals are able to play by themselves with toys but some require human interaction.
Depending on how busy your humans are, may depend on how frequently you can play with them.

Indoor fetch - this is a great game to burn off some energy as your human gets a pile of your toys and throws one.
Then when you bring that one back, they throw the next one.
This gets both of you very tired very quickly and usually results in a nice long snooze afterwards.

Outdoor fetch - this is similar to indoor fetch but done in your garden, if it is safe for you and your human to venture out there during isolation.

Grooming - sometimes the best way to get rid of some energy is having your human brushing you, cleaning your teeth, clipping your nails or even giving you a bath !! Although this can be a high energy exercise for some humans BOL!

Massage - I find having a nice long massage when I cannot settle in the evenings is good for relaxing me. Not only does it relax may muscles, it helps me to get used to having my feet and ears touched. Which makes life easier for everyone during vet visits BOL!

Hide and seek - you could play hide and seek with your humans. They could hide a treat or toy and you can try to find it. Even if there is limited space, a few treats or toys placed under a blanket in the middle of a floor is good.

Keeping in touch with pals - in this day and age there should be very few animals and humans that are truly alone during any period of isolation. There are several social media platforms, and other platforms where your humans can make video calls.

Even your ancient humans that do not have the knowledge of modern technology should still have a phone that your human can ring them and chat with them.

So if you or someone you know has to be in isolation, please remember to take five minutes out of your day to reach out a paw and make sure they are ok.

Stay safe pals !!

With a Broom:

Small Saluki and Harry Flamingo have been helping in the garden.

Agent Novak superspy:

I am keeping fit in my garden gym!