During and after the Covid-19 lockdown

Now that the lockdown is starting to be eased up things are going to start to be different. I would say back to normal, but normal has gone and we are creating a new normal.

I have been asked questions about the easing of the lockdown and afterwards.

What do I do if I need a vet?
Veterinary Surgeries are still working, although it is a bit different from normal.
If you need a vet or advice, then contact your vet before visiting. They will advice on their exact process.

Why am i being asked to be kept on lead at all times during walks?
This is a very strange, scary and different time for everyone.
Some humans will be stressed at the very thought of leaving their house. This in turn could make their dog be on edge or be very nervous. This in turn could create unusual actions or reactions to other dogs while out.
So keeping all dogs on lead will be a great help to getting humans to get used to being outside again. For those dogs that want or need to be off lead, then they need to find secure areas to be allowed off lead.

What happens if my human starts going back to work?
Some animals will have been used to being left alone or had lunch time walkers visiting in the past. Some even objected to their humans being around constantly to disrupt their snoozing.

Now that lockdown is easing and there is a real possibility that your human will have to return to work, unless they are luckily enough to now work from home.
If your human is going to return to work then it would be a good idea to see if you can cope with being left alone again in case there is a risk of you getting distressed or destructive.
Perhaps your humans could try going out for an hour or two to test your reaction.
The sooner they test this, the more time there will be to try to fix things by working you through your anxieties or arrange a form of care before they do return to work.

Stay safe pals!

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