Businesses re-opening after lockdown

Businesses are beginning to re-open after the lockdown. Here are some changes that businesses may have had to adapt as the new normal.
Not all businesses and services will be doing things exactly the same way, so always check before you visit.

Animal Rescue and Shelters:
Rescues and shelters are now allowed to start re-homing and fostering animals. There will be new ways of meeting for humans and animals.
Boarding Homes & kennels:
Boarding Homes & Kennels may restrict the number of humans visiting at one time and have much stricter drop off and collection rules. There may even be a process of refusing to accept toys or blankets. Even changing to a kennel collar and lead or having your collar and lead cleaned thoroughly in soapy water.

Any animals that are admitted for care due to their human being ill or suspected of being ill will have to go through a period of isolation of three days. Where they will not be allowed to socialise with other animals and the staff will have to change PPE when handling them.

Day Care
Day care will have a new appointment only arrival and leaving procedure where animals will be wiped down with a pet safe damp cloth that is used on only one dog and then disposed of properly.

If animals are collected or received from infected or self isolating households, any animal must be collected and returned separately, unless they are from the same household. They will be kept in a separate area at the day care.

Dog trainers can work if they have access to secure areas and are able to maintain social distancing. They can provide their services and give advise or support via email, videos or by video link. Animals from infected or self isolating households should not be accepted unless via technology.

Dogs from different households may be walked together as long as dogs from infected or self-isolating households are not mixed with non infected households. Any equipment, including vehicles if used to transport the dog, must be cleaned and disinfected between dogs.

Groomers can collect or receive clients via an appointment only system so that the groomer can control the number of animals and humans to ensure social distancing and cleaning down upon arrival.
Multiple dogs can be in the salon at the same time as long as their is 2 meters between them.
Any equipment, including vehicles if used to transport the dog, must be cleaned and disinfected between dogs. 

Pet sitters may operate if they can maintain social distancing rules and follow Government guidance on humans working in other people’s homes. They should not sit for an infected or self-isolating household.

Veterinary Practices:
Are still working with their video and phone consultations. With a controlled handover in the car park rather than humans being allowed inside the building.
Some have started to include more routine appointments rather than just emergency ones. Your vet will be able to advise what they are currently offering.

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