As the UK prepares to get up and running again after the lockdown, will staycations be the new vacations for everyone?

What are staycations?
Staycations are holidays or vacations that are taken in your own country.

Most countries have their border controls in a state of chaos and trying to sort out new rules for leaving and arriving.
Will there be some form of quarantine? Either on the way to a holiday destination or when returning home?
There are even talks of some sort of vaccine passport, which is not a new concept as humans have had to show proof of other vaccines when visiting certain countries for years.

To save a lot of time, money and frustration, a lot of humans have chosen a staycation.

The benefits of staycations are that you do not have to learn a new language, you can definitely find something you like to eat, all staycation holiday money spent will go towards getting the economy back on it's paws and best of all dogs are more likely to join their humans. I think that is a great win/win all round BOL!

Staycations may be here for a few months or even years, but on the bright side it is nice to be able to explore the country you live in.
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