Microchipping, New Laws - UK
From 6th April 2016 in the UK is became compulsory for all dogs over 8 weeks old to be microchipped.

This is a good thing for dogs that are lost or stolen as it helps the authorities/rescue centres to reunite dogs with their humans.
Microchipping is quick to implant an it does not harm the animal being microchipped. It is injected into the ruff area (back of the neck) where injections/booster shots are usually given.
The microchip is recorded on a national register and there is no further cost after the initial implant.
There is a small charge for updating or changing the information on the national register.

Although the date for compulsory microchipping has passed, if your dog is not microchipped then contact your local vet for advice about microchipping.

Microchipping of other animals such as cats, although not compulsory, is also useful if those animals could be lost or stolen.

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