GDPR - General Data Protection Regulations, it's everywhere and been mentioned by everyone

So what is it?
It is an important piece of legislation that is supposed to protect us and our information that businesses hold about us.
It clarifies what these businesses are allowed to do with that information and if the need your permission or not.

As I do not send out monthly emails to a ‘mailing list’ of individuals and the information I do hold about my website visitors/newspaper readers/social media followers only consist of an email address and the animal’s name. Plus every business, article and interview is reviewed by the individual concerned before publication. So with everything I have already had in place from day one, I don’t need to do anything different to what I am doing.

However the downside of the new GDPR has been felt by pals on social media as a lot of accounts that have the date of birth showing as under adult age have been suspended until permission from their parents and further personal data has been received.
So in order to protect your personal information you have to give out even more personal information.

I bet that is making a load of interesting conversations between the account holder’s human and social media.
As well as having to prove their ‘child’ is actually a cat, dog or fish?

Can you imagine the emails being sent to and fro? BOL!

Hopefully the social media producers will see sense soon and realise they are animal accounts and unblock them.

Human logic really confuses me at times.

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