Dear Tigger.. at bedtime when it was raining heavily, I took one look at the rain when the back door was opened, and went for a pee on the living room rug.

My human now puts me on a lead and tricvks me into thinking I am going for a walk to make me pee in the front garden. I feel cheated, but I can't help myself for going outside as I love walkies so much. She tells me I'm just being a diva and to get over myself as if I'll go for a walk in it, I can go for a pee too!
- Strawberry

Hi Strawberry, it’s not good to pee on the living room rug.
Yes humans are tricky at times and it is not good for your human to trick you into thinking you are going for a walk.
Next she does it have a sit down protest. Yes it means you will get a bit damp but she will get soaked and hopefully will not try to trick you again