Reader's Story
- rosie

Rosie here.

I asked my fav human Maggie to relay a message about our 3rd Anniversary of Gotcha Day.
Me and my cousin/brother Freddie met Maggie and Chris on 8th February 2015.
They just bought a house and came to adopt us a week later, they are a little crazy like that. We never looked back since, although not without hiccups.

Fred was quite a ‘shut down’ greyhound due to his past, he’s never been in a house environment before, never felt what it is like to be cuddled and loved.

Dare I say he never used his brained before (I like to think I am the brains of this operation, he is the brawn)!

I was a little worried at first, Fred reacted badly in a number of situations but our new humans got in touch with a trainer, who specialises in sighthounds. His name is Jim Greenwood and I knew he was amazing the moment he walked through the door.

He managed to explain to Maggie and Chris why we behave the way we do and translate what we are trying to communicate to them.
Our humans had to get through one more bad experience with us before things started to look up.
On a small back lane a cocker spaniel sent Fred into frenzy, Fred managed to get out f his muzzle and 2 collars and caught the other dog’s ear. The cocker was ok, needed to go to a vet but Maggie and Chris sorted everything with his owner.

I thought that was it, they will for sure send us both back, I was very stressed but they said that we are not going anywhere! Freddie and Maggie hit the lessons and private classes hard, it wasn’t easy as Fred is such a big and strong dog but things are looking much better.

At home we are just so soft, our humans still can’t believe how laid back we are. They love us A LOT, we have loads of toys and beds everywhere. We sleep in their bedroom, we have our own comfy cushions but they don’t mind if we get on their bed and Fred just loves it.

I have 3 cardigans and 1 rain proof mac and I look amazing in all of them