Poppet's Story
- By Bertie Race

Poppet is a 4 year old blonde brindle whippet who came to live with us in June this year.

Twitter hounds will know her as “Pom Pom Whippet, 100% dancing whippet, supplier of dog scarves to the stars”.
Poppet's Mum made scarves for dogs and donated the proceeds to Lurcher SOS Rescue.


Poppet's humum (Deborah) was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2015.

After two years of bravely fighting this terrible disease she sadly passed away at the beginning of June.
She is sorely missed by her Twitter friends who loved her kindness, creativity and amazing sense of humour.


Poppet was in need of a home and family as her husis was going away to university and her hubro to live in the south of England.

We had already offered to have Poppet and it was decided that Poppet would be happiest coming to live with us in a loving houndie home.

It is good to know that such sad tale had a very positive outcome for Poppet and her new family.
Poppet is a very happy little girl and settled into our home really quickly.

She has even taught me how to play as, we all know, ex-racers do not get time to play and so I hadn't learned what fun playing was. Poppet soon put that to rights and not only has she taught me to play with the toys I already had, but also the exciting game of chase around the garden.

I love having Poppet as my sisfur and she loves being a very important member of the Race pack.

Poppet's husis and hubro will come to visit her during the Christmas vacation and it will be wonderful to see how she greets them.