's Story
- By Deafie

Hi, I was born Deaf, my humans at the time didn't realise I was Deaf and thought I was naughty and wouldn't listen to them.
They hit me and I have a bit of a funny lower jaw where they hit me when I was really young.
They then made me have puppies to sell as they thought they could make money from me.
After a while they didn't want me anymore, I was just over a year old. They were going to put me to sleep and the deaf dog network and others tried hard to find me a rescue to take me in and look after me.

A little charity locally to where I am now took me in.
I am about 6 or maybe 7 we don't know my exact age but I celebrate my gotcha day in April.
Since last January I have been a foster mum for greyhounds and staffies that are looked after by BGP.

I have made lots of friends through that. Hobbies include squirrel and pigeon watching, which is a very important job, and going on sponsored walks and tweet ups.
I am a honourary greyhound and a #HoundsofTwitter member.
I was foster mum to BB Belle who now lives with grandma bobbins and Blue. I like running around with my pals off lead I have been with my hoos now for nearly 4 years.

Here is a picture of me, on the right, and Vito (that I call Rodders coz he’s a plonker) that I am fostering and helping on his way to his own forever home.