Reader's Story
–by Katie & Graham

Just a note to let you know how uzfamblyizdoin, now dadz can type wiv out cryin, after the tragic loss ovuzsisfur Poppet at the Bamburghtweetup in April this year.

As you, an most ov der readers ov your excellent publication are aware, poor Poppet died in dadz arms on Bamburgh beach from what da vetanhairymans have said woz most likely an Aneurysm aged just 5.

When weez got home from Bamburgh all de hoomins seemed to be in a bit ov a fug an were really missing Poppet an her antics, meself an Graham woz ok but we had permenant wet fur from da famblies tears and kept getting randomly hugged followed by more wet fur.

Now, uzmomz and little momz am made of stronger stuff than dadz in regards to these matters, usually yoo can whack dadz on de head wiv a hammer an he don’t even notice (momz said this is cus he’s from Bilston).Somomz decided datavin a dadz like a big wet blancmange around da place woz no good for da fambly and as we now had a spare collar, lead, an most importantly a place on da sofa, weez needed anuvverhoundie around da place, an lets face it, there’s a lot ov poor hounds lookin for their forevva home.

  The following Saturday momz grabbed the blancmange an stuffed himz in da fambly car along wiv little momz an uz two an off we went to Wolverhampton RGT in search ov a new susfur. We fink dadz had gone a bit mad at dis point cus he kept shouting  ‘no more dogs’ but momz told himz to shut up az he didn’t know wot he wozsayin.

At de kennels momz an dadz went for a look round while little momzwozwalkin about sayin she wanted at least anuvver three houndies, an who can blame her cus we all knows datweez am all beautiful. After a few minuets momz decided on one ov the hounds andadz got uz out ov the car all muzzied up, don’t want no accidents.

Twas very excitinmeetin a prospective new sisfer but unfortunately she woz a bit too boisterous for me an she woz put back in da kennel. Momz brought out anuvverhoundie and dadz walked uz all together round da small field an everythin seem ok, so it was decided to put uz all in da compound, wivmuzzies on, to see how we got on. This didn’t go well as I wozavvin none ov it, when the new hound walked up to me I walked off and stood as far away from her as possiblean the body language wasn’t good, so she too woz returned to the kennel. Now when Terry, the RGT bloke, brought out the third hound ov the day weez immediately rushed up to meet her, Graham gave her a good sniffin den walked off to pee on everythin he’d pee’d on five minuets ago, then I gave her a good sniffin an I liked her. We wandered about in da paddock for a good fifteen minuets while da hoo’s chatted den dadz said. “Ok, lets try em in da car”.

Weez all walked round da small field first den we came up to da back ov da car, blow me down if the newbie didn’t just jump in da car like it woz hers an lie down, quickly followed by meself , you’ve gotta get yer place I thought, an den stoopid Graham jumped in lyin in da gap between newbie an me. “That’s it then” said dadz  tomomz ‘Katie says we’ll have this one’. Andatwoz it, she, now being Lucy,woz part ovuz pack. Not a replacement for Poppet but anuvverhoundielivin in Poppets spot and helpin heal da Poppet sized hole in uz hearts.

But, an it’s a big but, Lucy as a story ov her own, an I’m gonna let her tell it.

Katie an Graham