Animals with careers - Dash

My name is Dash and I’m a very versatile Bedlington Terrier.

On Sunday 2nd June we met Tigger at the North East Bedlington Terrier yearly gathering …. at Bedlington, of course.
We saw friends that we’d met at previous walks and gatherings and “social media friends” that we’d never seen face to face before. We got to visit some of the stalls and bought some lovely liver treats from Tigger. I’d met a very nice female Bedlington that I really wanted to get to know better J and was planning on showing off my agility skills to impress her but we had to leave earlier than expected. Never mind, there’s always next year.

I am a volunteer for Therapy Dogs Nationwide and was assessed for my temperament and schmoozing skills before being allowed to visit as a Therapy Dog. I have a uniform which is quite bright and matches Mother’s official T-shirt.

OnMonday 3rd June we visited an Activity Day Unit near Chester le Street. This is a charity that opens up the community centre to people with brain damage or the results of Stroke and helps them to exercise and learn skills which help them to live independently.

On Monday night we went to agility training – yeehah! It’s a lot of fun and I get to run and jump and go through tunnels. I love tunnels. In fact, I sometimes run through tunnels just for the heck of it. Mother isn’t fast enough to stay with me so it’s her fault if I, mistakenly, put an extra tunnel or two into the course plan!

On Tuesday we made our weekly visit to a Primary School in Medomsley – again, through TDN who do all the paperwork so that we can just turn up and amaze the children with my listening skills. I have to be very calm in school, even though there are lots of strange noises and small people who all want to stroke and cuddle me at the same time. Well, I don’t blame them. I am irresistible after all.

If any of you are as irresistible as me and would like to volunteer with TDN you can contact them through their website.

I’m usually tired after being so irresistible but Mother takes me on nice walks, or “sniffaris”, during the rest of the week as a reward for being so clever.

We did more agility training (and tunnels) on Thursday night and agility Weaves class on Saturday morning. That’s a bit more complicated than running through a tunnel – I have to wiggle a lot to get past those pesky poles but it’s worth it when I get the treat at the end.

So, although I don’t go around sticking my silky tassels down holes looking for rats I would say I am still quite versatile.

I hope you agree.


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