Animals with Careers...

Tell me a bit about yourself:
My name is Russelena Jessie - Jessie to my friends and family, I am 4 on 26 March &  lived with my hoo & 2 catfurbros Alan & Tommy for almost 2 years (they are in charge). 
I am half sisfur of Lennie the Loon & girlfriend of Sir Bolly Bark-a-Lot. I came via Sheffield GT at Wortley.

How did you become a blood donor?
I first gave blood 1 month after arriving at my furever home as they do it at Sheffield GT.
The Greyhounds who need homes are all mostly donors there as the Pet Blood Bank like to have our blood due to our excellent quality juice cos we are so fit! Sprat (my Mum can't give red juice so she said I could do it for us both! She is very proud of us all

What does it involve?
We first get a free health check MOT off the lovely vet to make sure we are healthy & have no problems.
We get a small bit of neck fur shaved off & a sample taken to see if we have good blood & no nasties in it.
We also have our teefs checked, eyes, ears, tummy, heart & a general top to tail & toe check. If we are good to donate we then get taken to a special area where we have lots of cuddles & support.
Someone lifts us on a comfy bed & snuggles us all the time - which I love!
They then pop a cannula pointy needle in our neck & fill a bag up with our blood. Often 750g so I am told.
Takes about 30-45 minutes the whole start to finish.  When we have filled the bag they take my pulse so it drops to normal level they redress me (yes I do it naked)!
Then the best bit - food & treats & a free toy, plus goodie bag of bandanas, stickers, shopping bags, & Fish4Dogs salmon treats - well worth it for the goodies!

Oh on my 5th donation I got a special lead as I saved 20 dogs! A bag of our blood can save up to 4 dogs!

Do you need to do anything special to stay a blood donor?
We get weighed as we have to weigh no less than 25 or 26 kg. I usually stick about 27.5kg. I can't travel abroad due to diseases in other countries & I can't be on long term medication. Other than that I just go every 3 or 4 times a year. I always have 'excellent' on my reports. Last time round they said I was the perfect example of how a donor should be -  proud pointy is I!!!!

Do you have any funny or embarrassing stories about giving blood?
Sadly no but I am sure there are plenty of times to come to have some as I won't retire until maybe 9 years old as we can keep going for years .

I love donating to help my 4  & sometimes 3 legged pals. You never know when you may need a bit of my blood.
Sign up it's a great cause to support. Pet Blood Bank are a wonderful charity & love us all.
All breeds can donate as far as I know just gotta be the 25kg over weight. I would encourage any furpal to sign up to help our pawpals out there.