Recently while watching human breakfast television, a human ‘expert’ was discussing pets in their homes and their carbon footprint.

There was quite a dramatic use of statistics which appeared to show animals had very high carbon footprints.

This is the current animal carbon footprint equivalent:
As with all statistics, they are a rough guide and not an exact science.

Goldfish - 25kg of CO2 per year

Cat - 310kg of CO2 per year

Dog - 770kg of CO2 per year

Large Dog - 2.500kg of CO2 per year

There was a comment to get rid of animals to reduce the human footprint.

In the interests of fairness, here is a small list of the carbon footprint of humans.
I will add to the list on my website as I get more BOL!

Mobile phone (1 hour a day) - 1250kg of CO2 per year
Computer (5 hours a day) - 705kg of CO2 per year
TV (6 hours a day) – 215kg of CO2 per year
Driving (5,000 miles) - 3590kg of CO2 per year
Cheeseburger (1 per week) - 130kg of CO2 per Year
Coffee (1 per day) - 155kg of CO2 per year
Tea (1per day) – 15kg of CO2 per year

So to refute the advice of the human ‘expert’, the best thing your human can do to reduce their carbon footprint, is to put down their coffee, switch off their computer, get off their phone and take us for a walk. BOL!

If you know of any other human carbon footprints, let me know and I will add them to the list.

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