From lazy greys to lively lurchers..
there’s something for every hound in the Tweed Valley 

Max and Oscar, Cosaig cottage’s dogsbodies, repawt from Innerleithen in the Scottish Borders.

It’s been a few months now since the hoos said their last farewells to Luke. By repute Luke was livelier than the average greyhound leading them to think that two young lurchers would be a doddle (insert Mutley laugh here).
We all live and learn (well the hoos certainly have) and they now realise that energy burnt on walks and zooms means we have less enthusiasm for impawtant work like paper shredding. You would think that they would want all the admin assistance they can get, but apparently not. No pleasing some.

On the pawsitive side keeping active outdoors isn’t that bad. We have had our legs stretched in every way possible….and we think the hoos are a wee bit fitter since our arrival too.
There are loads of different walks, all starting in our small town. Twice or three times each day in a bid to tire us out, it’s leads on and off we go. We like to walk for at least an hour each morning and don’t mind hills but there are plenty of shorter and flatter walks for hounds of the more sedate variety. Walks along the river are great and often there are rabbits to spot and tasty things to devour (the top dog said we should leave out that bit but you won’t tell will you?) In the early afternoon we might have a quick turn about the woods or a zoom if we are lucky. This is followed by an evening walk, by which time the hoos are worn out even if we are not.

Now things are beginning to re-open there are a few walks that have café stops en-route. The Golfie loop, the Walkerburn loops, the old railway path to Peebles and the new Traquair House paths all have perfect refreshment stops, where water bowls are provided. Scotland is not generally short of water and most walks pass little streams to revive you. If your hoos think you need longer walks though, remind them to pop a water bottle and bowl in their rucksack on a hot day.
Talking of water there are some grand spots for doggy dips round here. Innerleithen has two main rivers, the Tweed and the Leithen Water. Both have pebbly beaches suitable for paddling when the water is lower and slower in the Spring and Summer months. Very occasionally our hoos pop us into the car for a short drive to the start of a walk (we love that and sometimes try to get into other peoples’ cars just in case they are going somewhere exciting). Then they might take us to fabulous spots like St Mary’s Loch or the nearer Stantling Craig reservoir. We haven’t tried swimming yet, but we do love a good splash about.

From sniffs and potters to zooms and yomps, whatever your thing you’ll not be disappointed around here. We should add a couple of words of caution, however. We are on the lively side, and we love plenty of exercise, we know though that many of you need your 20 hours of beauty sleep. It is impawtant to put your paws down firmly if you feel your hoos are pushing you too far. We also strongly advise ensuring they pack generous supplies of gravy bones, whatever the length of walk. Finally those of you with a more nervous disposition should avoid water. It can also wash eau de fox pooh so must be avoided if you have been rolling.



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