Best and worst meals competition

As there were so many great entries I have decided to list all of them for you to read and enjoy.

Monty - lettuce, I was fed some and spat it straight out.

Master Arrow - Cause ob mine feevn teefs incident wot nearly made minself gies deaded mine mum doz make me some super dinners an dey doz hab chicken/beef or kidney in dem as well as sweet potatoes, rice, kale, broccoli n carrots. Mine mum doz hab to put chicken into mine water cause oberwise I's not goin to drink it .

Master Arrow - I's gotted d reasults ob mine recent blood/wee tests n day is all supergood n at dis minute dey says I's "normal" an I's not gotted to go back for 6 munfs but I's got to stay on mine home cookd dinners wot I's not complaining bout as days lichus
Mine mum haz banned dried fruit from d house soz I's not able to go feevn anymore

Fred - I eat anything though I was fussy about fruit when I first came to live with Mum and Dad

Tess - my worm tablets and Mum has to try and disguise them.
I once tried venison as Mum was in a cooking competition and brought back what she made - noisettes of venison on a bed of sweet potato and clove mash, but I spat the venison out!

Mr Breezy <span ">- Best meal is chicken. Just deciding either grilled or roasted

Bonnie Bhoy Badger - best meal was rhubarb crumble yogurt

K9 Natural Supplement - worst attempt at hiding a tablet...meat sauce on a pill

Yoda and Cheezlt - My Dad's dog was a problem. When Dad would put a pill in anything Jack just ate around it. So he had to give him pill ham, then no pill ham, pill ham, then no pill ham. It was easier to deceive him that way.

Luke - One year she popped worming tablets in cheese.
I ate cheese dropped tablet!
Next she crumbled it in crunchy peanut butter.
I sniffed and sneered.
Plan C spread on a sandwich. No way!
Finally she fried it , toppd with cheese . I only left a few crumbs (of worming tablet )

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