Tigger Club News 1st Birthday !!

Here at Tigger Club News headquarters there are celebrations all round.

Not only am I still continuing my quest to be almost nearly famous, but today is the day that exactly one year ago I dipped my paw into publishing a newspaper.
I knew it was not to be any sort of newspaper, it was to be a newspaper that readers could enjoy free online.

Not only free in cost online but also free from the usual human sort of drama and distress. That is why, with help from a few pals who submit monthly columns for you to enjoy, I have worked hard to try and make this newspaper enjoyable and informative for you all.
Everyone can either read it on my website or for a small subscription, delivered to you (UK only).

My newspaper would not be as popular if it wasn’t for you all, my lovely readers, who read, enjoy and email me with messages of support.

Thank you all !

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